Chef Ginn Wins Food Network's Chopped Champions - advances to final round

It’s on to the next round for Matt Ginn, chef at Evo Kitchen + Bar in Portland, who won the episode of “Chopped Champions Throwdown: Battle 4” that aired Tuesday night.

Ginn goes on to battle three other winning chefs in the finale, which airs on the Food Network at 9 p.m. Nov. 6 . The winner of that episode will take home $50,000 and a new car.

Ginn won $10,000 on “Chopped” last summer, and was invited back to compete against other champions. In the finale, Ginn will compete against another New England chef, Evan Hennessey of Stages at One Washington in Dover, New Hampshire. Some trivia: Ginn said three of the final four chefs had at one time worked for the same Boston chef, Mary Dumont.

In 2013, Portland chef Rob Evans, who owns Duckfat, was the “Chopped Champions” runner-up.

Chef contestants on “Chopped” get mystery baskets of ingredients from which they must create original dishes against the clock for a panel of judges. The chef with the least appealing dish in each round is “chopped” until just one chef remains.

Ginn said the “Chopped Champions” competition was “definitely more challenging” than “Chopped.”